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Owning a The Prime Group residence ensures you a timely response to your warranty requests. Review the following Warranty Guidelines before submitting your service request.

Scheduled Post-Closing Warranty Visits

As part of our commitment to service your home throughout the warranty period, we have instituted prescheduled post-closing warranty visits (example: 30 day). The goal of these visits is to ensure all of your warranty needs are appropriately addressed while at the same time providing you with the comfort of knowing that a The Prime Group representative will be there for you both before and after closing.

Your authorized representative will explain to you our process of scheduling and completing prescheduled post-closing warranty visits. In addition, share with you the many benefits associated with this type of service program. It is our goal to address all of your warranty items at this time. As with regular warranty service, you or your authorized representative must be present to provide access to the home for service items to be completed.

Regular Service

In addition to the prescheduled post-closing warranty visits, regular warranty service is also available during working hours Monday-Friday. Regular warranty service should only be scheduled for service items that need to be addressed prior to the scheduled post-closing warranty visits. You or your authorized representative must be present to provide access to the home for service items to be completed. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment date and time. Please review the
Warranty Guidelines to determine if you have a valid warranty claim.

Emergency Service

Emergency warranty service is available after hours, on weekends and holidays by contacting the emergency service number provided by The Prime Group representative. Some examples of emergencies include gas leaks, no heat in extreme cold, no cooling in extreme heat, severe electrical problems, or severe plumbing leaks that cannot be isolated.



 Warranty Guidelines & Service Policy



This warranty is issued to ____________________________________ hereinafter referred to as the Buyer  or  Homeowner, for the Dwelling located at  ____________________


For good and valuable consideration, the Undersigned Corporation hereby warrants to the Buyer that the dwelling located on the property stated above is constructed in substantial conformity with the building code of the Town of  ___________.


Evidence that the requirements of said code have been met will be the receipt of an occupancy permit, by the seller, Town of _________. This warranty shall not be apply in the case of damage resulting from any neglect or failure on the part of the Buyer to properly maintain such property in any manner considered reasonable and prudent. This warranty and service policy is not transferable. Any and all obligations on the part of The Prime Group shall terminate if stated property is sold, or should cease to be occupied by the original buyer.


This limited warranty (herein after warranty) does not cover lack of proper maintenance or misuse by the Home Owner of installed equipment. The Home Owner should locate all service manuals and follow the instructions therein for proper maintenance and service of all appliances, including smoke detectors.


There will be a Final Inspection of the premises by the Home Owner and the Builder upon Builder’s notification to the Home Owner that the building is substantially complete. At this time, a written “ Punch List” will be generated which will details mutually agreed upon errors, discrepancies, omissions and/or imperfections in the premises which the Builder is obligated to correct. The Final Inspection must be made with care as the Builder will not be responsible for any damages which occur during the process of the Home Owner moving into the new home, nor will the Builder be responsible for items which are identified after generation of punch list. Items identified after the closing will be corrected only according to the terms of the warranty.




The terms of the various coverage’s put forth in this warranty and service policy shall begin on the day on which the dwelling is deeded to the buyer, or on the date of occupancy of the dwelling, whichever occurs first. This date is referred to in this document as “ date of possession”.




The Builder will remedy conditions of seepage that occur during periods of a normal high water table, or caused by springs, and are reported within one (1) year of date of possession. Items not covered by this policy are seepages due to unusual flooding, rains greater than two (2) inches in any twenty-four-- (24) hour period, normal settlement around the foundation, or condensation due to excessive humidity. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to maintain positive drainage away from the dwelling at all times after completion of landscaping. Ground around the foundation that settles shall be immediately filled and regraded by the Home Owner.



A tight roof around the chimney and under shingles is warranted for one year. Damages if any, caused by snow or ice backing up under shingles is excepted from the provision of this warranty. It is responsibility of the Home Owner to insure free passage in gutters and downspouts at all times. Damages, if any caused by windblown rain or snow through roof, or soffit vents or louvers into attic space are excepted from the provision of this warranty.



The heating system is warranted to heat the home, except adjacent to glass surfaces, to a temperature of seventy (70) degrees Fahrenheit, at the thermostat, of zero (0) degrees Fahrenheit outside, for a period of one (1) year.  The Homeowner shall clean and/or change furnace filters monthly, or as recommended, during the heating season. If applicable the oil burner should be cleaned, and flue inspected yearly, during the summer months. Furnace pilots should be left on during summer months to insure dry furnace and basement.



The operation of plumbing and sewage disposal systems is warranted for one year except that, if in the course of correcting a stoppage, foreign objects from the Home Owner’s household are found within the system, the Home Owner will pay the entire cost of correction. The Builder will repair dropping faucets occurring within thirty days.



Glass and screen breakage is not covered by this warranty unless the Builder is notified in writing prior to the occupancy or conveyance, whichever occurs first, of any existing defects.



Asphalt work is warranted for a period of sixty (60) days against disintegration. Heavy vehicles should not be permitted on driveway in hot weather. High heeled shoes, gasoline spillage, and/or oil spillage will make holes in the driveway and walkway. Frost heaves and depressions are natural occurrences, and are not covered under this warranty. Also not covered are tire markings and stones that flake out, as these are normal characteristics of asphalt.



The responsibility for germination of seed and successful growth of grass is with the Home Owner. Consult a garden shop            for instructions on watering, liming, fertilizing and other lawn care. Occasionally, rocks will appear after a rain or in the             spring. These should be removed by the Home Owner.



Shrubbery is warranted to be alive and healthy when planted. No warranty exists as to the length of life. Shrubs must be  protected from the seasons, watered and fertilized.



Ceramic and resilient tile occasionally may contain imperfections, which do not require service. Scratched or cracked tiles             are not covered by this policy unless any existing defects are brought to the attention of Builder, in writing, prior to   occupancy or conveyance. Loose tiles and flagstones are covered by this warranty for a period of thirty (30) days. Seams in        plywood underpayment and protruding nails are covered for a period of thirty (30) days from conveyance or occupancy.  It is responsibility of the Home Owner to replace loose and cracked tile and grout with the correct and proper tile caulk to prevent penetration of moisture into floors and walls.



Countertops are covered for a period of thirty (30) days from occupancy or conveyance to be free from defects in          materials and workmanship. This warranty not covered delaminating, bubbling, or scorching caused by hot objects.



Trenches for water, sewer, and other utilities are not warranted against settlement. It is the responsibility of the Home    Owner to fill and grade any area, which may settle.



Normal fading of exterior paint is not covered. No interior paint peeling or nicks, dents, scratches, or other imperfections             are covered unless the Builder is notified at the time of creation of the Punch List.



Wooden clapboards, shiplap, and shingles are covered against splitting for a period of sixty (60) days, however, it may not           be possible to match paint. Therefore, any variance in a color that is subsequently applied is not warranted hereunder. As      this splitting condition is not evidence of structural failure, replacement is not always advised.



Protruding nails, hairline cracks, and seems in drywall are covered for a period of thirty (30) days. However, any cracks in             drywall or plaster that is caused by structural failure are covered for a period of one (1) year. Repair of plaster or drywall may not completely blend with surrounding material, as it is almost impossible to match exactly the color and texture of             the original surface. Repairs without change will be limited exclusively to the problem area.



Shrinkage and separation of floorboard is normal and is not covered under this warranty. This situation can be raised the relative humidity inside the home.



Uniformity of graining and coloration is not warranted. Variations of color and grain are natural characteristics of wood and exact matching of products to themselves and others is impossibility.



These items are covered by this policy for thirty- (30) days after conveyance or occupancy against warping, sticking or looseness. These items have a tendency to swell and shrink at different times of the year. Some may wrap in winter and straighten in summer. Within one (1) year, items that cannot be made to operate will be exchanged. Shrinkage and joint openings of doors, windows, and baseboard casing are not covered by this policy. The shrinkage of doors inside the jamb is normal, and if the door can not made to operate, it will not be replaced. During the summer and winter months, the space between the doors, jambs and sills is approximately 1/8” to 3/8”.



The Prime Group passes through and assigns directly to the homeowner any and all manufacturer warranties on all appliances and equipment supplied by the Prime Group in the dwelling. It is the responsibility of the homeowner, if required, to complete and forward any warranty to the proper manufacturer or agency.



It is not possible to prevent concrete from cracking because of the nature of the material. Cracking, pitting, and flaking can occur and are not covered, except for  those foundation cracks which emit water. These are covered for one year. Cracks do not impair the structural strength of the dwelling.



The Prime Group specifically does not assume responsibility for any of the subsequent items, each of which is specifically excluded from this warranty:


a)       Any defects in appliances or equipment that is covered under a manufacturer warranty. As these have been directly assigned to the homeowner, each manufacturer warranty claim procedure must be followed.

b)       Any damage to the dwelling, component parts, or systems due to ordinary wear and tear, abuse, misuse, or lack of proper care and maintenance.

c)       Defects, which are the result of characteristics common to material, used. Examples of such are, but not limited to; warping or deflection of wood, fading of paint or stain due to exposure to sunlight, crack due to drying and/or curing of concrete, plaster, brick and masonry, and drying, shrinkage and cracking of caulking and weather-stripping.

d)       Any defects in items installed by the homeowner or any one other than Builder.

e)       Any defects in items supplied by the homeowner.

f)        Conditions resulting from condensation, expansion and/or contraction of materials.

g)       Damage, if any should arise, caused by snow or ice braking up under shingles is not covered under this warranty. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to insure free passage to ice and snow from roofs.

h)       Gutters and downspouts are without warranty, as the Builder does not install such items unless specifically requested to do so by the homeowner.

i)         Damage, if any arises, caused by windstorm rain and snow through roof gable, soffit vents, ridge vents, or louvers, into attic space is not covered by this warranty.

j)         Calcium stains (effervescence) in any concrete or brick surfaces.

k)       Articles or personal properties kept in basement or garage.

l)         Checks and twisting of studs, joints, and beams.

m)     Normal occasional dent associated with installation of woodwork.

n)       Damage, if any arises, caused by tornadoes, lighting; hail stones or other so called casualty occurrences covered by the Home Owner’s insurance.



If defects should appear which you think is covered by this Limited Warranty, you must notify us promptly in writing at the address appearing below. Describe the defect briefly and tell us when you will be home so that we can schedule a service call appropriately.

The Prime Group, Inc., 23 Swan Road, Tyngsboro, MA 01879.



Upon receipt of your written report of a defect, if the defective items are covered by this limited warranty, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you within sixty (60) days ( longer if weather conditions, labor problems or material shortages cause delays). The choice between replacement and repair is ours.



This warranty and service policy is not transferable. Any and all obligations on the part of the Prime Group shall terminate if stated property is sold, or should cease to be occupied by the original buyer.





Prime Group Inc 23 Swan Road, Tyngsboro, MA 01879 T 978 649 3860 F 978 649 7270